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Managing Change
Managing in Times of Change   
Michael D. Maginn   
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Making Teams Work
Making Teams Work  
Michael Maginn,PhD
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Effective Teamwork  
Michael D. Maginn  
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  Singularity Group helps senior teams implement strategic plans faster, more effectively.
Michael D. Maginn, Ed.D.
President and CEO
We are experts in driving ideas to action through
. Work Planning
. Skill Building
. Performance Measurement


Executive Communications and Team Planning
We help you and your senior teams ensure that:
. Your people understand and believe in the strategy
. Your people understand what to do
. Your people get started

Skill Building, Development and Training
We prepare your people to be successful performers.
That means:
. Your people have the skills to master to new responsibilities
. Your people build confidence to execute assigned roles successfully
. Your people have direction, plans and specific outcomes to achieve

Climate Measurement, Diagnostic Surveys, 360s
We provide information so that:
. Your management team can anticipate options, take corrective
. action to stay on course
. Your people see how effective they are as managers
. and professionals

We have over 20 years experience in helping senior teams improve performance. We work collaboratively with our clients to custom design initiatives to meet their organizations needs.